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Safety is Our #1 Priority

Listed below are just a few examples of why our safety practices are 'Above the Rest'.

FAA Licensed Pilots and Flight Instructors

Officially certificated by the FAA for commercial operations and for flight instruction, we have years of safe flying as well as the skills, experience, and knowledge of the area necessary to provide the best available aerial experience that we can to our clients.

FAA Licensed Mechanics

Our mechanics have decades of experience working on not just our aircraft, but countless other 'Schweizers' just like it. Officially licensed by the FAA as Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Aircraft Mechanics, they have the know how to always keep our helicopter running in flawless condition.

Over-Water Operations

We insure that for all flights that take place beyond gliding distance of the shoreline, our pilots and passengers are equipped with Personal Flotation Devices set for automatic or manual deployment. In addition, we also carry underwater breathing tanks and back-up radios on certain aerial photography missions that are completely over water

Flight Planning

Before every flight, our experienced pilots will check NOAA, local, and prognostic weather reports, temporary flight restrictions issued by the FAA as well as advisories and airspace restrictions, brief all relevant air traffic control facilities on our flight plan, and determine best approaches and sun direction based on all current maps/charts of the area.

Pre-Employment Training and Testing

Every one of our employees must pass a pre-employment screening that involves computer-based training, flight/practical training, background check, and enrollment in a drug and alcohol testing program, all as required by the FAA for every mission.

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